20 July, 2012

Big News!

Alright folks, wow! It's been a while since my last post, but I actually have an excuse! Some really big changes are coming our way in just a short while, so I have been super busy getting ready for those changes. Lots of travel will be happening too, within the next 3 months so I'm trying to just keep everything organised and that has been consuming my entire life.

Now! On to the big news! Let's see if you can guess from these images:





Nissan Primastar

Moving boxes
(click on any of the photos to view their source in Flickr)

Any guesses???

In a van!
With our cat!
Road Trip!

So yes. We are moving to Sweden at the end of next week. It's insane. And since we're actually driving all that way in a van, we have to seriously downsize. Both of us are ok with that because we are both used to slimming down to nothing. I have moved a few times now with just a handful of boxes (only 13 came with me from the states to Ireland). A great thing is that we have been renting a furnished home, so there's a lot less that we will take with us. In fact, the only real furniture that's coming with us is my spinning wheel and my grandmother's hope chest.

We've been going through all our things; we've been donating a lot of clothes, shoes, and other items to the local charity shop and throwing a lot of stuff out. Also, we've been selling the few pieces of furniture we did have, and that has been a nice little boost to our travel fund. Yesterday, a lady came to buy my sideboard from the craft room. She was so excited about the good deal she got, that she asked me if I was getting rid of any other furniture. I took her on a tour of our house, pointing out everything I intended to get rid of, and she actually ended up buying everything which was great for me because we got rid of everything in one go. Much easier than having to post a bunch of stuff online, and selling different things to different people, not to mention having to deal with flakey buyers.

Our house at the moment is in complete chaos. Getting into the kitchen means wading through a labyrinth of boxes and piles of stuff to donate. We're down to just a week before we move, so the food situation is becoming interesting, to say the least. We've been trying to thaw and eat everything we had in the freezer before we move so there's no food waste - as well as trying not to buy new food items that we can't take with us. There is an art to keeping everything organised while moving, and I have to say that I'm pretty close to being a master.

We have quite a journey ahead of us. We'll be taking a ferry from Rosslaire to Cherbourg, France. Then from there, we'll drive to Belgium to see Veurne, Bruges, and other amazing places. After that, we'll head off to Holland to spend a day in Alkmaar, Haarlem, and to see Amsterdam then off to Denmark, staying in Midelfart outside of Odense. Cross the bridge into Sweden and hang out in Karlskrona then up to Stockholm... or dare I say? StockHOME? *grooooan*

I will actually be trying to stay up to date during the trip, but I'm not sure how many places we'll be staying in that have wireless, or if my phone will get reception so I wont make any promises.

Can't wait to start this new adventure! As Buzz Lightyear would say, "To infinity and BEYOND!"


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