02 January, 2012

Happy New Year!

New year is always fun for me. The last two new years eves were spent either sleeping after a fantastic meal or watching a movie and deciding to get married. This year, we spent time with friends making new friends in Cork. We listened to music, ate a bit of food, and danced... which ended with everyone getting styling gel in their hair to make silly hair styles. For me, it was fine, with my new short hair - but for others? Not so much. All in good fun though!

OH! Short hair! Lookie!

I chopped all my hair off! After several attempts to get to platinum blond, my hair had had enough. Brittle and with 2873462873 split ends, I decided it was time.

I had decided the last time I had my hair colored that it was time, actually, but I was scared to cut my hair this short. Instead, I thought it would be nice to transition my hair from awful blond to natural by just having highlights done instead, and just have fewer and fewer done until it all grew out.
After having my hair highlighted, I decided that I didn't want to wait that long.
So 6 weeks later, I went back to my friend/stylist and asked her to chop of my hair. She was aghast and kept confirming even after she started cutting, "Are you sure? ARE YOU SURRRREEE?!?!" *chop chop chop*
haha I was sure. Though I must say that the final result came as quite a shock! I remained positive because after all, I had been very confident in my decision. After a day or two of recovery, I decided that I love, Love, LOVE it! It's very versatile, and beyond easy to care for. The ends still have a bit left from when I had my hair highlighted, which I think looks like summer ends, so I don't mind them.
I am still getting used to the amount of shampoo I don't need, and actually, I'm looking forward to switching to not using commercial shampoo when mine runs out (no waste).

Back to our holiday celebrations...
Every year, we take a formal Christmas photo on Christmas eve. Every year it is a hassle - so I can only imagine how it will be when we have kids! And also, every year, it is a fairly serious event. This year's photo can only be explained that finally my silliness has found a way to infiltrate this sombre event:

So much fun.

Yesterday, the first, we celebrated our Two Year ANNIVERSARY! Through everything, we remain together and in love. We celebrated by sleeping in late, then going to the cinema to see the new "Mission Impossible" movie, which we enjoyed. I always appreciate it in action movies when the hero makes mistakes (ie. miscalculates a jump, lands wrong, etc). Then home for some fun rounds of "Ticket to Ride", which is a very fun board game that I got V for our anniversary (he bought me shoes! SHOES IN MY SIZE! which... are sent in the post which is why I don't have them yet).

I hope your Christmas and New Year follies were enjoyable, and may you have peace and prosperity this 2012!


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