22 January, 2012


Lately, I have just been inspired by crochet. I can't get enough.

My bff, Ashley, recently learned to crochet and has been just going wild. I love seeing her excitement for the craft, and love seeing what she creates.

I have been crocheting for more than half my life. It was an engaging indoor craft for the rainy days in Anchor Point, Alaska when I couldn't go outside for my mom's fear that I would ruin my hair (funny, but true). So, from the time I was about 8, I have always had a crochet hook and some yarn not far out of my reach. Of course, my interest has waxed and waned over the years, as these things do happen.

For Christmas this year, I used some beautiful cotton yarn and crocheted some of the most delicious wash cloths to give as gifts to some of my family members. Now, I am making some wash cloths to go be sold online, and I must be honest, my heart has not been in the project.
I have been making one cloth for about two weeks now.

Last week, Ashley learned to crochet... and that was when I found a renewed love for one of my favorite pastimes. Where before, I didn't have anyone to talk with about my preference for Susan Bates crochet hooks over the other, rounder ones. I couldn't really share my excitement at mastering a new technique. I didn't really have anyone to share my patterns with... until now.

Since she is in Ohio, and I am here in Ireland, we use instant messengers to chat and Skype to sometimes see each other for hours on end. Recently, she was watching her daughter play and I was crocheting, and it almost felt like we were in the same room. Skype is good for that.

I started browsing Pinterest for more and more things to inspire me for crochet. I have a feeling that in no time at all, I will have to restock my whole collection of yarn.

Oh, darn.


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