17 November, 2010

beating myself up...

wow. they say that we're our own worst critic, but yeah... i'm having one of "those" days.

Photographers - you know the one. It's the day hat you look back at your photography over the past couple years with a long groooaaaannnn.
I looked through my portfolio today of weddings - and all i could do was groan. I am not having a good time with photography at the moment! I mean, my skills have improved, and my photos are usually improving... but yikes. I'm in one of those funks.

I'm confident in the product that i give to my brides. I have to be! I'm happy to give them the photos. Don't get me wrong - it's just as a photographer and as an ARTIST, i'm really struggling with everything i see that i wish i could do better. On one hand, i suppose it's a good thing that i see the things i do wrong, but on the other hand - it's hard to figure out "okay. now how do i fix this for the future?"

what i would LOVE to do is find some sort of photography workshop to brush up on my skillz. :)


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