03 April, 2009

it's raining.

Ahh i love rain.
my favorite is Big Ole Fat Rain that falls and drenches me, head to toe- like a shower. Of course if i'm afraid of getting drenched because of a nice outfit or what have you, i'll bring an umbrella- but for the most part, i'm the one you'll see walking around town, face up towards the sky, arms outstretched, taking it all in. Rain is such a glorious thing.

I also love the sunshine, but i have fair skin. You see, if i stay in the sun without a long sleeved shirt, sunscreen, and a wide-brimmed hat, i will fry in only a matter of minutes. Case in point: Wednesday afternoon was a very beautiful sunny day. My friend and boss and i all decided to sit out in the sun for lunch. Mind you, lunch is only 30 minutes. By the time we all got our food heated and got out to the warehouse doors, there was only about 20 minutes left.
I sat in the sun for twenty measly minutes and ended up having pink arms about an hour later.

I'm the only person i know who can go outside on a cloudy day and still manage to come home sunburned.


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