26 June, 2014

3 Minutes

I found this post this morning as I checked my Facebook from my computer. Gizmodo said "It's so much harder than you think" but for me it wasn't hard at all. Then I thought about it - I often go out in the garden and "watch the plants grow" as I like to say. I just sit there in silence, listening to the sounds of bugs flying around, plants swishing in the breeze, birds. If I have no responsibilities looming over me, I could sit out there for hours. No phone, no electronic devices. Just the plants and me. It's hypnotic.

I removed Facebook from my phone a couple weeks ago, and at first would go to my phone and not even realize the intention was to check Facebook... before it suddenly wasn't there and I would scroll around aimlessly on the screen for a few seconds before putting the phone down. Now I've gotten used to it, I interact with my real life friends more. My husband. My surroundings. When I'm out and about, I use the phone to check the time, or respond to a message from my close friends or employer before I slide it back into my pocket. Imagine if I got a watch and all I used the phone for was to check the occasional fact, look at a map, or message my friends (which was my original intention when I bought an iPhone six years ago!).

These three minutes weren't hard for me. Will they be hard for you?

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