07 April, 2014

Weekend in Photos

We had a lovely, busy weekend doing basically whatever we wanted, and it was pretty fantastic. I didn't heft my camera around on Saturday because we were running from place to place, and shop to shop - and I didn't feel like it. I wish I had brought it along anyway though. Looks like I might need to save some pennies for a less hefty camera for days like that.

I have been in quite a photography rut for the past several months. I just couldn't dig my way out, despite my best efforts - and it was pretty depressing. I even started to question myself as a photographer and wondered WHY ON EARTH can I not get anything in focus the way I want? WHY is that so hard for me right now? Also, I was suffering from feeling inadequate and on and on. Unfortunately it's times like those for me, that even people telling me that I am good and decent as a photographer makes me feel worse about myself... because I am a weirdo. But on a weekend adventure a few weeks ago, I brought my camera out because it was a sunny, bright day and I wanted to play with a reflector I got. 
The day turned out to be completely terrible actually - every single thing went wrong and while it's sort of funny now, it was exceedingly frustrating in the moment. A silver lining to that day was that in fiddling with a few settings on my camera, V discovered that I had accidentally set it to be NOT SHARP on focusing. What?! I didn't even know you could do that. Well I did apparently, but it's fixed now. That plus the combination of a few other inspirations has re-ignited my passion a little for this little hobby of mine and I do say it feels good to be scraping the rust off again.

Here are my shots from Sunday, and our little walk around the neighborhood. 

This (and several other gates like it) were at the petting zoo near our place. I love the sentiment; children who are giving up their pacifiers/dummies/nuks bring them to a special place and hang them with other childrens' old ones as a symbol of growing up. They can visit them whenever they want but they don't need them anymore. Kinda cute!

How was your weekend?

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