03 July, 2013


I've been trying to show you around my house now for a while. I showed you the bedroom... then realised our place is pretty small and part of me sort of likes keeping it private in a way. Also, getting nice light in our place is a bit difficult. We live in a basement apartment, and have windows on only half of our walls - so it's pretty dark. Especially since our walls are a dark brown textured fabric - it just DRINKS the light we do get! I will however, show you some things around my house making me happy today

I have phases of writing religiously in my 5 year journal for weeks, then nothing for weeks. I have been writing in this journal for about 19 months now and it's fun seeing what we were up to a year ago on each date (that i wrote). Today I am playing catch up, using the photos in my phone to remember what we were doing on the days I didn't write. I've got a month of catch up to do... 
 ...but I have my tea and a little bit of internet, all while watching Friends on the Xbox. It will be done in no time at all!

This piece of furniture makes me so very happy. We bought it for 15 Swedish Crowns. It was an instant asset to our home, supplementing the storage for our tiny little kitchen that has only two cupboards.
After a few weeks, I decided there was just too much wood in our house (wooden doors and doorframes, windowframes, hardwood floors, and a hardwood ceiling - not to mention our oak table and chairs, coffee table, computer desk...ENOUGH!) and I asked V to end the madness. He painted this piece white for me, and it completely transformed the space is in.

 We recently acquired the light bluey-minty-teal plates from the dump and they added a little more charm, with the bright red tea pot!

'Tis the season for Peonies in Sweden. I never really appreciated the flower until this year for some reason though. They are so lacy and gorgeous! A friend of ours was kind enough to share some flowers off their peony bush with me and these sit in my window.

 These hang on a wall near our fireplace. They were part of a Valentines gift I gave to V. The feathers and the wood round are watercolor paintings. The detail in them is just lovely. They are by an Italian artist, whose work you can see on Etsy, here.

I would love to own about 10 more of her beautiful paintings!!! These were very reasonably priced and they are originals, which is wonderful. I always catch myself looking at them when I'm in this area of our home.

Do you have favorite spaces in your home?

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