25 June, 2013

Flying in Fordlandia

I finally cleaned out my iTunes of all the music that I ever placed into it for anyone other than myself. I hate when I put my iPod on shuffle and get a bunch of songs I don't really care to hear before I finally find one I like - then repeat. Tons of "blah" songs - one I like - Blah - Like - BLAAAHH - LOVE, etc.

Well now my iTunes is super organised, and I have folders for everything that I'm not sure about yet, and it's pretty great. I always have a selection to listen to and for some reason that feels really freeing. I have discovered a few new albums that got overshadowed by all the crap I kept in my iTunes hoping that when something played, someone would hear it and like me more because of it. How fake! All this stuff I had that I didn't care for just sitting around taking up space on the off chance...

NO MORE. I'm done with all that bologna. Anyways, as I was saying - I have found some new albums lately (more on that in another post) but one in particular is haunting and beautiful. I first heard one of the artist's songs played on RTE radio in Ireland, and through the magic of the Shazam app, discovered Jóhann Jóhannsson - an Icelandic composer. Oh my goodness. I bought his album Fordlandia right away. It's a masterfully written set of pieces for orchestra. I've listened a few times as his songs came up on shuffle, but today I guess I was just in the perfect mindset for his piece entitled "Fordlandia" - for it moved me to tears, about halfway through. Not sobbing, blubbering tears - but goosebumps and heart flutters and awe with a sense that if I closed my eyes I could be flying... I listened to the piece again immediately, of course and got the same feeling, so it was not fluke. I HAD TO SHARE right away!!!

I advise listening to it in headphones or at least somewhere where you can appreciate the fullness of it. Just sit and listen. Let it wash over you.

You can thank me later.

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