22 February, 2013

Quick and Tasty Flavoured Yogurt (or The Blood of your Enemies), a Recipe

This is just a really quick and simple snack I make for lunch or in the evenings for something sweet after dinner. Simply, it's plain Turkish Yogurt with a bit of homemade berry syrup drizzled over the top. Admittedly, before it's stirred it looks a little horrifying...

Usually there's a conversation similar to this, when I make it:

Me - I'm making a snack, do you want anything?
V - What are you having?
Me - "The Blood of my Enemies"
V - ...

But once you stir it, it looks much more appealing.

It tastes the same either way though, and I sort of love the macabreness of the pre-stirred snack! Especially if I'm settling in to watch The Walking Dead.


Blood of your Enemies by Shannon Henszel

One serving of plain Turkish (or Greek) yogurt
1/4 cup of homemade berry syrup or storebought (the redder, the better). Mine is made from blackberries. Adjust to taste depending on how sweet you would like the end product to be.

Pour syrup over the top of your yogurt, stir (or don't) and enjoy!


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