06 February, 2013

DIY - Shorten Necklace

I have this cute hematite necklace that I inherited from my mom. It's a sturdy thing, and while I love it, I never really wore it because it is a strange length for me in my opinion. Also, the stones are really smooth, so if I decided to wear it long anyways it always swings and hangs around framing just one boob or the other. So weird! I can't tell you how many times I've grabbed it, hoping it would work with my outfit, only to be disappointed. 

Today was actually almost another day where I just looked sadly at my necklace as it hung from its hook...
...until I remembered an article that touched briefly on lengthening a necklace with ribbon. I thought to myself, "Maybe that will work in reverse..." and it did! Here's how:

Start with a long, single piece necklace, and a simple ribbon long enough to tie into a bow. This necklace doesn't have a clasp - just a solid set of beads all the way around, strung on knotted string.

 Fold your necklace in half

Grab your ribbon. If you're using one that easily frays, make sure you cut notches in the ends to stop that nonsense.

String your ribbon through each side of the necklace

Place around your neck, with the ribbon behind, and the necklace in front. Arrange your necklace how you prefer it to look (ie. if you want your strands close together or a little farther apart)

Bring your ribbon to the side of your neck and tie so that everything is the length you want. I just tied a simple bow here and left the ends longish

Move your ribbon to the back (or leave it on the side if you like, for a different look), and you're done!

Switch up your ribbon colors for different looks with different outfits. This one could have probably used a black ribbon instead, but then you wouldn't have seen it very well in the photos! Use the ribbon as a pop of color for your outfit or keep it matching to go unnoticed. The possibilities are endless.

I'm so happy my necklace got new life, and I can wear it all the time now! Hooray! 

What necklaces do you have that this technique would work for?


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