05 January, 2013

Purl, Purl, Purl, Repeat Ad Infinitum

I had this great idea right before Christmas, to pick up my mom's old knitting needles and some yarn and try again for the fifth time to teach myself how to knit.

I've been trying to teach myself now for about 4 years, with at least one small attempt each year, and only a swatch of stitches knitted and cast aside. One time I knit a pretty little rag-sized swatch, and it reminds me of my small success every time I dig through my yarn stash, as that's where it remains.

Over the past year or two, I've wanted to become more stylish. I had decided that I had had enough with my frumpy appearance and I was ready to put more thought into what I wear. Usually it's just jeans and T-shirts for me... oh, and a ponytail. Thanks to Pinterest, it's been easy to see what's in style now, and even better - read other peoples' blogs on fashion. My current favourite is "Putting Me Together" because she is a normal lady with a normal budget who styles herself at normal places where people like you and me actually shop. As much as I looooove looking at blogs like Wendy's Lookbook, it's super unrealistic to me to think that I'll ever be able to afford a pair of Louboutins, or a Burberry coat. Forget about it! I do enjoy reading her blog though. So pretty.

Anyways I have spent some time combing the internet for ways to be more fashionable, feminine, and attractive in the way I dress. The biggest lesson I've learned so far, is that a lot can be done with upcycling of old clothes, second hand finds, simple sewing patterns, and of course knitting and crocheting. You don't have to spend a mint to look good!

So the big idea I had before Christmas was to knit myself a pretty mustard coloured cowl. But would it go with my beloved raspberry hat? Also do I have enough yarn? Well since I didn't know the answer to either of those questions, I thought it best to add another colour of yarn to my cowl - some leftover reds from previous projects including but not limited to my raspberry slouchy hat.
Gryffindor colors!

True, you can see the two different reds, but I've tried to keep it pretty even where I use them so it looks intentional, and you really only notice in the daylight, so no big deal. It's for me anyway.

Two things have surprised me about the creation of this cowl - first being the amount of time it has taken me. I'm about halfway through, I think, and this has taken me approximately 12 hours! I start thinking that I'm getting faster, and it still takes me 7 minutes to complete one row. Oh well. Like I said, it's for me, and it is a good learning experience.
The second thing that surprised me is that the silly way I hold the needles puts my left middle finger to sleep after a little while. I've tried holding the needles in different ways but my way is the only comfortable way, aside from the whole sleeping finger thing.

A small price to pay for something so pretty, I suppose - and one step closer to my dream drawer full of knitted socks.


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