19 January, 2013

Friends in Stockholm

A friend of mine from school, Jessica, has always been a little east of me. We met in Sandy, Utah when we were teens attending the same middle school. At the end of my junior year, I moved to Washington state, and thus began our strange eastwardly dance together.
We lost touch over the years as friends do, but thanks to Facebook I was able to stalk her keep up with her life. She moved to England, and a while later I moved to Ireland. A few years after that, when we had decided to move to Sweden, I heard she was getting married and moving to Finland. She and I discussed it and we decided I should definitely shoot her wedding. I'm so glad I got the opportunity, because I not only got the chance to see her new home country, but it was a chance for us to reconnect as dear friends. 

Earlier this week, she and her husband came for a little visit! We walked all over Gamla Stan and some of Stockholm together and had a wonderful time

But evening came much too quickly (as it does in winter), and their ship arrived to remind us that our time together was altogether too short.

We made some plans for future visits, and I'm beyond excited for the arrival of spring.


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