28 January, 2013

A New Dream House

Looking for a place to live in Sweden is ridiculously difficult. Especially if you don't have the money to purchase your own place. Actually, it's easier to buy a place of your own here than to rent, and more often than not if you're only able to afford to rent a place, you'll have to sublet. Sometimes even sublet a SUBLET. It's insane. We were very lucky to find the place we did - and really, I promised to take photos for you so I should get on that.
Anyways, the search for a place of our own was an arduous task, full of lots of page refreshing and sending out mass emails to people... and many times I found myself dreaming of just buying some land somewhere and building a yurt.

I know what you're thinking. I mean less of a Mongolian style yurt...

...even though this is pretty, I want something a little more habitable - like this:

Pretty amazing right? As I slowly get rid of all my childhood belongings and stuff that I hold onto for no apparent reason other than sentiment I find my dream home changing. In 2010, it looked like this. Last year, I dreamed of this:
by Jonathan Levitt
In some sense, I still do dream of living in the above home. It's so beautiful and peaceful looking. In fact, just let me live inside of any of Jonathan Levitt's photos for a little while. Check out his work here

But as of this moment I am still loving the idea of buying a piece of land, but building something that is unique to me. I love the way houses look. Architecture makes a lot of sense most of the time. I however, relish the thought of living somewhere that is absolutely one of a kind, and you can't get that in a modern home. 
No, these days my dream lies in creating a home like this.

My very own hobbit hole. Something about living in a low-impact home really appeals to me, as long as it is also beautiful and functional. To view more information about the homes above, and to see more photos, visit Simondale.

I won't lie - I think about these sorts of homes and wonder how I would be able to have the convenience of internet and indoor plumbing, not to mention wondering about how to use and clean an outhouse... *shudder*. Winter. Outhouse. No.
But I wouldn't mind a DutchTub to go with my cool hobbit-style house. If not for everyday bathing, but for a fun way to relax and take in the lovely surroundings...

Does your dream house change as time goes by? What does yours look like?
(also, Happy 500th Post to my blog! Hooray!)


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