23 January, 2013

A Castle and some Snow

It was a gloriously sunny, perfect winter day recently and we decided to venture out and explore a little more of Tyresö.

Last time, we decided to turn back when we reached a road that was altogether too slippery for comfort - not to mention surprisingly busy. Since then, the snow has fallen again, and temperatures have stayed below freezing so we felt a little more comfortable trying that road again.

The inlet is completely frozen over now. Where that expanse was once all water, it is now completely ice. If you look closely, you can see someone's footprints walking all the way down the center of it.

And a little further down, was a small group of people clearing off the snow from the ice and skating. Such a wonderful winter sound that I had honestly forgotten all about. V and I stopped for several minutes to just listen to the whoosh of their skates and the scrape of their shovels.

Icicles have reformed over the rocks, and look vaguely like the teeth of a monster... This particular combination of rock and ice reminded me of a crocodile's head and mouth. 

We discovered that the castle is just a scant 20 minute walk from our house, and it is really quite stunning.

and just a stones throw away from the old church

These cute little houses actually have people living in them, on the grounds of the castle. Which makes me wonder what their history is. Were/are they caretaker houses? The castle opens again for spring, so I can't wait to go back and find out!


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