06 November, 2012

A Little Autumn Walk

I've been cooped up inside for the last couple weeks, because whenever I go out in this fabulous cold air, my lungs rebel against me and give me a horrible fit of coughing. We've decided that the reason for this is from allergy-related asthma, which is a new and exciting adventure, let me assure you.

I must be very careful not to walk too fast or breathe too much cold air, least I be reduced to a hacking, coughing, phlegmy blob on the street.

Since we've moved into our temporary home while our new (to us) apartment is being worked on, I've moved away from the allergens in V's parents' house which caused me some serious problems. Since November 1st I've been on the mend, and while my coughing is significantly reduced (and my allergies are pretty much gone completely), it's not completely gone yet. Sometimes I forget my "fragile" condition though, and go outside anyways simply because it's my favourite season and I'll be damned if a couple of silly things like spasming lungs are going to stop me from taking it in.

So this afternoon, I ventured out of the house and up the road about 30 meters before I had to come back due to coughing my brains out - BUT I was smart and brought my camera so I could bring some of this beautiful season indoors with me. In our move, somehow we've only managed to bring our 100mm macro lens with us, so that is what I used for all of these photos. Enjoy!


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