22 October, 2012

On Work, Autumn, a Broken Lens, and Becoming Inspired

Hi everyone!
I'm finally home from the states, safe and sound in Sweden. Travel takes so much out of me, that I took a few days to just readjust to life, before I let myself become engrossed in work.
I've been CRAZY busy the last week. I've been home now for almost 2 weeks and unfortunately, things are not progressing as quickly as I had hoped - for either work or personal reasons.

We are still looking for a place to live, as we are currently living with V's parents. I know we're welcome but I just don't want to strain our relationship with his parents. I know it's not terribly fun for us to live with them, and I can only imagine what kind of strain that puts on them. It's a tiny little space anyways and I hate to put them out. 
This weekend, we've a place lined up to look at, so prayers and fingers being crossed would be appreciated in that vein. 

While we were in Finland photographing a friend's wedding, a favourite lens of ours started acting funny with my camera, but was just fine on V's. I thought it might be my camera and had a mild heart attack, considering I had photo shoots lined up for my time in the states, not to mention a wedding we have in November in Ireland. I left it behind, and V started having trouble with it during a shoot with his sister - so I spent a few minutes testing it last night.

The consensus is that it needs to be repaired. It still works, but only when it wants to, and it now makes a hideous repetitive whirring/clicking noise when it tries to focus, both manually and otherwise. Such a shame, really as it's my favorite lens for weddings. We'll look into repair, but I am not very hopeful.

I really like this photo of V, as it's really so him. You can see the computer screen reflected in his ring and in his glasses, he's wearing one of his favourite shirts, and I dunno what else. Maybe I'm biased since I love him so darn much. :-)

Part of my heart was a little sad when I went to the states. I thought I would miss out on my first autumn in Sweden. Autumn is my absolute favorite season (because, you know, there are so many seasons...), and it looked like autumn was early. The leaves were changing when I left, at the end of August. To my utter delight, I was lucky enough to experience bits of autumn both in the states and here. Actually, the colours here are just now coming into their brightest moments so I am just in heaven. This evening, I stepped outside to get a few snaps of this GORGEOUS tree while I had the chance. Even got a nice shot of Bilbo (at the top of this post). It's been raining the last couple days, and I didn't even think about it - but I totally soaked my house slippers. Oops.

Back to talking about being swamped - I was fortunate enough to have several family photo sessions and a wedding while I was out west, but unfortunately after that whirlwind ended I seriously felt like I never wanted to look at my camera again. No kidding, I put it in my bag and hid it away where I couldn't even see it - a great feat in our shared space of about 50 square metres (about 500 sq ft).
It's autumn though, and I've been thinking about doing another one of my crazy self portraits (you can see one of them here). I have no ideas in mind though, and while I took a little break this afternoon, I scanned Pinterest and Flickr, as well as looked through some books for inspiration. While I didn't find any ideas that stand out to me, I have been inspired in another direction, and I'm really looking forward to testing that out in the next few days, in between edits.

Probably not in my slippers though...


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