15 September, 2012

In the Sun She MELTED, Melted, melted...

Ohio is hot, humid, and gross.

There. I said it.

Indian Summer

I am sitting here in Ohio right now, enjoying the cool breeze from the fan above me on my bare feet. The air conditioning in the house where I'm staying is running, and I feel cool and happy. That will all change if I go outside.
Actually, this evening, it's not so bad... but earlier it's been gross. Like... couldn't go outside. Sure, other people were out and about but not this northern girl. Nope.

Svalbard reflections

Where almost everyone I know dreams of Caribbean vacations and tropical getaways - I find myself daydreaming of adventures to Reykjavik, Swedish Lapland, and Svalbard.
Admittedly, my dreams of going to Svalbard are purely nerdy - I want to see the land of the panserbjørn...

Við sundin blá - Reykjavík

D Arctic balloon adventure 01

When someone mentions their ideal vacation, I think of ice hotels, snowed-in cabins and ice skating, while they dreamily yammer about sunshine and sand.

Ice Hotel (3)

Oh, don't get me wrong! I love me some sunshine! I just do not appreciate the heat that comes with it. Not to mention I can literally get a sunburn in under 15 minutes. In Ireland this past summer, the sun came out unexpectedly, and I literally hopped from shade to shade fretting about how I didn't have any sunscreen and I should have packed a lightweight long sleeved shirt - not to mention I was miserable in the sudden 20° C heat. I couldn't even enjoy myself.

No sir, it's the northern life for me. Aurora Borealis, sparkling snow, crunchy ice under my feet, gigantic clouds of breath. Yes please!!!

Aurora Borealis at Þingvellir in Iceland

Winter is coming. WOO!

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