22 September, 2012


V sent me a few photos of our Bilbo a few days ago with the statement that "some humans don't have it this good". 

He's so right. In fact, for the first few months of our marriage in 2010, we lived in a cold little ancient cottage in Ireland with no heat source whatsoever.
Often, I'd walk around our house with up to 5 layers on my body at a time in an attempt to keep the heat in.

Right now, I can't even think about wearing a coat or sitting next to a fireplace without breaking into a sweat. It's currently 84 degrees F (28 C) here in Utah, and I am roasting.

Look at him all cozy in his own little lambskin... what a lucky cat.

As much fun as it is seeing friends and family, I'm really looking forward to going home to temperatures of 60 degrees F (15 C) and below... T-minus 16 days and counting!


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