16 May, 2012


Sometimes it's good to take a wee break from the blogosphere. It helps me to take some time to reflect on my blog and to think about what's to come. I like to think of my blog as a bit of a journal, but when I'm away, I resort to the ole pen and paper. I have about 6 or 7 journals started, completed, and in between that I've used through the years, Plus one or two sitting around empty until I decide what to put into them... but that's a whole other story. Literally.

Here's what I've been doing lately.

Things in our lives have been a bit crazy lately. We are trying to get all of our ducks in a row financially and since maths make my head spin - I resort to staring off into space.

Watching the plants grow. 
Ahh, our polytunnel. Such a great place to go and turn off the brain. On the days that daydreaming doesn't have the full effect, I take to the garden. I don't know why it's so fascinating to me, but I can stand (or sit) and stare at the plants for hours... just watching them grow and thinking about life.

Missing my mother.
With gardening come thoughts of my mother who loved flowers and vegetables, and grew both in our backyard. I find myself thinking about all her shrubs and bushes and trees that flourished under her care, and wishing that I could show her my little garden and get tips from her.

And reading and reading and reading. I do so love my Kindle.

Editing and organizing.

Backing up files, finishing up customer orders, and tidying up the hard drive(s).
 Hooray for redundant backups... no, really... they're amazing.

More organizing.

I have a feeling that a big life change is on the way (more on that later), so I've been going through all my fabrics, crafts, and supplies and making sure everything is tidy and neat. I shall be doing this to all the rooms in our home over the next while. I've been gathering boxes for storing things we don't use on a daily basis and just overall, purging. 
It's awful how messy a room can look while you're organizing it, isn't it?


I was not prepared for what lay ahead when I was introduced to Minecraft on Thursday. A friend of ours came on Friday to stay the weekend with us, and all three of us got sucked into playing together on the Xbox 360. We sat on the couch staring at the screen and suddenly it was Sunday afternoon. 
Oh. My. Goodness. RUN FOR THE HILLS!


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