22 May, 2012

Fashion is Hard.

For the past year or so, I have wanted to be more fashionable. If you could see me every day, you'd probably snort and roll your eyes...
What I call fashion (currently) is a pair of jeans and a t-shirt (sometimes not even my own). The worst part about it is not knowing how to improve it, exactly. What would look good on me? What would flatter me and be right for my age? I definitely don't want to be one of those 40-somethings running around dressed in clothes that look like they came from WetSeal and Delias. For that matter, I don't want to be a twenty-something who looks like I am trying to dress younger than I am. No Ugg boots for me.

The next thing is that I need to know what to look for at second hand shops. I rarely buy anything new, unless it's a really good deal, so I need to figure out how to make old clothes look new.

Sometimes when I wander the aisles of a shop like H&M or Marks and Spencer, I am intimidated by everything, which is then followed by very harsh judgement on clothes. I see ladies with armfulls of clothes to go try on in the dressing room, when often I will walk out of a shop with nothing, feeling a little sorry for myself.
What would be great is having a few good girlfriends around... but failing that - a personal shopper. Where can I find one of those?

Another thing I lament about (maybe in a good way) is the weight loss. I am happy to have lost 20-ish pounds now, but I know I'll lose more. So I can't justify buying new clothes while I'm still losing weight and in the mean time, I look like a ragamuffin.
Pinterest is great for fashion, except I haven't the first clue as to where to find parts of the outfits they post on there. Not to mention, when I do find it, it's usually horribly expensive. I don't exactly have a great memory for outfits either, so unless I have my phone with me while I shop, I'd be hopeless, not to mention the fact that I'd spend almost more time looking at my phone than on the racks.

Maybe it's just a lost cause! Hahaha 
What are some of your favorite staples for your wardrobe? What keeps you fashionable and looking cute? Help me out here!


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