25 September, 2011

Weekend Update

This and a few rounds of Carcassone, the board game, is primarily what our weekend looked like. Lots of screens, I know... such a first world problem. Please disregard my heinous wallpaper. 

We went on a very nice 5.5km (about 3 miles) walk around Clondulane, in which, I got the hugest most painful blister on my heel, and two additional blisters in between my toes (where I have never gotten blisters before). That's what I get for wearing hiking boots without the proper socks. Dang!

We had some amazing food this weekend, proving more and more that weekends make it a little bit harder for me to just say no. We had some very good kielbasa, and I made some surprisingly good twice baked potatoes today - only to realize that in potatoes alone, I ate about 500 calories. *hangs head in shame* I thought I was being good! Man, they were delicious though.   

Back to the grindstone tomorrow, and definitely hitting one of my workout videos.
V hit one of his weight loss goals on Friday! Oh, did I mention I have the best husband in the world? He decided to accompany me on my weight loss journey from the beginning. He has barely anything to lose, but the thought and the support are what I need most. We've both set goals for ourselves to lose a certain amount by Christmas, with a big reward when we achieve our main goal and a small reward for each incremental success. V's first goal was 2kg lost, so he'll be getting a book he's excited about from Poland. My first goal is 2.5kg lost and I can also buy a book! I'm so excited, and I think that if all goes well, I should be able to meet my first goal in the upcoming week!!!
Which book? This one!

Is it strange that while I'm dieting and losing weight, I'm purchasing a cookbook for one of my weight loss goals? haha I don't care. I can't wait!

How was your weekend?


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