27 September, 2011

Ten Things I Love Tuesday

Welcome to this week's installment of 10TILT - a collection of things from around the internet that I quite like. Have a look, and maybe you'll find something new to enjoy too!

Before we get started, I'll announce the winner to the Tea Time giveaway!
 The winner is, as chosen by Random.org, Hikari! Congratulations! Just send me your post address, and I'll get your prize out to you! Thank you, also, to Katie - our other entrant. Please send me your address too, and I'll send you a little surprise :)

On with 10TILT!

1. I thought it fitting that this be the the first image this week, 
since Hikari's prize was an owl shaped tea  strainer. 
 This image was taken by Nigel Pye, who offers owl workshops. He'll take you to a location where there is high owl activity, and help you snap beautiful images such as the one above. You can read more about his owl workshops, here.

2. Budgeting. Ok, I don't love budgeting, I do love that feeling of realizing how much I've saved though... and something that has stopped unnecessary spending in our home is the envelope system.
This article on Todays Nest offers a printable to create your own budgeting envelopes, free! Awesome!

3. This space-saving drying rack found on houzz.com.
I can't complain about my drying rack. We bought it at Ikea after we moved into our new place, and it has certainly done an excellent job. My only dislike is that we don't really have a place for it when it's not in use... and when it is in use, it's a huge space taker-upper. I love that with this little drying rack, you can pull it out to hang stuff, then fold it back into itself when you're done, presto!

4. This covered sandbox, by Great Little Trading Co.
Actually, in wading through my memories a few days ago, I found myself thinking back on my sandbox in Alaska, at our summer [camping] home. I found myself wondering why cats didn't dig in it to go to the bathroom - then remembered having to keep a close eye on our tiny pomeranian dogs, knowing a bald eagle would be all too happy to take one away for dinner. Also, it was remote, and none of the neighbors had cats... but that's beside the point. I have a cat now, and I know what they do in sand boxes. This not only covers it when not in use, but the cover itself turns into a little seat! What a cool idea to keep those neighboring cats from defiling your childrens' sand box.

5. Okay, this image is actually to show a teapot - but what I really like are the trivets.
You could totally DIY these by cutting a piece of felt and glueing river pebbles to it. Easy peasy.
Thank you, Martha.

6. This dress by the Shabby Apple.
 Houndstooth and offset buttons, knee length and three-quarters sleeves? Tell me, what's not to love??

7. This adorable display for guacamole.
Totally something I would do. Found on pinterest.

8. This alternative to a sliding door.
It would certainly let in a lot of light, and when you wish, a very nice breeze. Just don't walk into it...
Found here, via archdaily.com

9. Zombie Peanuts!
Wires turn these inanimate objects into works of art! Hilarious!! Click here to see more at owni.eu

10. If you know me, you know I can be a bit of a nerd. This Storm Trooper helmet, is gorgeous.
Even if you're not a nerd, you can appreciate the beautiful detailing that went into this piece. Absolutely amazing, to be sure. I wish I knew more about this piece to tell you, but alas, I do not. Found via Pinterest.


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