20 September, 2011

Ten Things I Love Tuesday

Welcome to this weeks edition of 10TILT - a collection of things from around the internet that I find interesting, useful, or love-worthy! To see more 10 Things I Love posts, click here.

1. This amazing nursery, but moreover - the crib. I am in love with the crib.
 It looks super sturdy and ready to last generations! I'm all about heirlooms. Found here.

2. This toddler bed created from an upside-down table.
 Super cute, not high off the floor, and perfect for that in-between stage before a regular sized bed comes into the picture. Found here.

3. These beautiful bubble rooting vases.
My father in-law has a funny quirk where, if he sees a tree or bush he wants to grow at home, he snaps off a twig and sticks it in water/dirt as soon as he's home. This would be perfect for him. Found here.

4. Autumn Brittle.
Um.... yes please! I love all kinds of nuts and seeds, and this brittle looks absolutely divine. Check out Eva's recipe, here. If you make some, send me a piece!! :)

 Sadly, I do not own any of this amazing cookware, mostly because it's just not in the budget at the moment, but oh, how a girl can dream. We have a couple pans that have seen better days, and while I'm chiseling the stuck-on food out of them, I dream of something better...

6. This cute Halloween costume detail.
Martha Stewart is at it again! How perfect would this be as an addition to a witch costume? Or just as an accessory if you're not into doing the full-costume thing.

7. It's September and already I'm thinking of Christmas gifts to give to our neighbors.
 This idea has inspired me to do something similar with a lap blanket (possibly homemade - fleece is easy), a book, and a packet of hot cocoa! Fun, right?

8. While we're talking about Christmas - this is such a cute idea.
My parents kept a couple of my Christmas wish lists and from time to time, it's so fun to go back over them and chuckle at the desires of a younger me. I love this idea of keeping a child's wish list on a spool as an ornament. What a fun way to hold onto a memory!

9. This whale jug by Jonathan Adler.
When eating at the dinner table, I tend to drink an insane amount of water. Seriously, if I didn't have to get up to refill my glass every time, I would drink 2-3 glasses while I ate. The problem? We don't have a pitcher. This could solve that, and I could drink to my heart's content.

10. Speaking of drink vessels...
 This teapot is just too cute (sans basket). I love her little face and my macabre side loves that you can drink tea from her head, which is a mug. Adorable! Found here.
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