13 September, 2011

Ten Things I Love Tuesday #13

Welcome to this week's edition of 10TILT - a smattering of things I've found around the internet this week that I love! For the first time ever, I'm actually adding a linky party to the end of this post for you to link up your "love" posts - a fun way to connect with other bloggers and find new things.

1. This DIY pallet table.
 I can totally see myself sitting at this with friends in my back yard for a picnic or using it to plant pots in the spring. The perfect outdoor piece of furniture, and you can make one yourself! For instructions and materials, click here.

2. I don't know about you, ladies (especially you wives out there), but there have been times that I've definitely wanted to say this to my husband.
That is not to say that the situation could be reversed from time to time... of course not!! ;)

3. Have cement and prefer bricks without all the work? Here's a solution!
Just paint them on! Click here to read more about it.

4. These awesome cardboard hats! 
Perfect as they are, I imagine myself dressing them with fabric and ribbons and paint for future photo shoots. For a very nice tutorial on how to make your own, visit ikatbag

5. I've always said that if I ever build my own house, it will have secret passageways and hidey holes.
 I love this idea for a hidden closet or perhaps set of stairs leading to a wine cellar, craft room, or playroom! My brother has one of these in his house, and I must say it's pretty cool.

6. This fruit fly trap from theidearoom.
 With our winemaking projects in full swing this season, you can imagine the huge amounts of fruit flies that came with all of it. I was ready to pull my hair out until I was reminded of these simple fruit fly traps. The best part? They really work. I used an ugly strawberry from my garden and in about a day, 99% of the flies were gone! 

7. Anthropologie always has such pretty things... these curtains, for example.
As much as I like them, I'm not willing to pay Anthro prices. I think with a bit of patience and a lot of ironing, I could make these at home!

 8. This tattoo
So cute! I love the shading in the orange. To read the story behind it, click here.

9. Who needs any accessories during the day, if you're wearing this cute apron??
Found here. This is another little project that I imagine wouldn't be too difficult to sew at home. For the most part, it looks like a bunch of straight stitches!

10. Last but not least, the Orient-Express.
Ever since I enjoyed the California coastline via train (for 5 wonderful hours) I have been enamored with the idea of visiting new places by train. Such a relaxing and wonderful way to travel. This would be perfect.  In the words of the website, "Romance, excitement and pure pleasure are all bound up in journeys that link the great European cities. The adventures of celebrated historic personalities are still palpable today, held in the original 1920s carriages with their Lalique glass panels, wood burning stoves and Art Deco marquetry..."
Unfortunately for me, the prices of these journeys with the Orient-Express are prohibitively expensive, starting most journeys at more than €1,000!

What are your favorite things? Link up!


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