08 September, 2011

Ten Things I love Tuesday #12

Welcome to the twelfth (it took me a minute to remember how to spell that correctly... how often do you spell that word??) edition of 10TILT, on its very special day - Thursday... because I missed it on Tuesday. 
I've kept you waiting for two additional days, so without further ado, here are ten things I'm loving this week!

1. This very pretty cupcake/cookies/whatever you wish stand.

 I love how it is just finished rounds of wood. It's so beautiful! This particular stand has sold, but you can see more of the artist's work in her etsy shop, here.

2. These perfect boots.
These are made by my favorite shoe company, Earth - and I'm in love with them because they're not only the exact style of boot I've been looking for, they fit my gigantic feet, and I know they're a quality boot and will last me about ten shades of forever - that is - until my cat may decide to piss inside them... 
Story? Story. I have owned a pair of Earth shoes for about 6 years now, possibly longer. 
They were my favorite pair of shoes and considering the amount of wear they got, and how nicely they've lasted, I am more than happy with the price I paid. Earlier this week, my cat Bilbo decided to use them as a litterbox when he was feeling too lazy to go up ten stairs to use his own... which was clean, by the way. Sparkling. I am currently researching how to best clean them and see if there's a way to save them, but... I am not optimistic. 
In the mean time, I've had fun looking at Earth's new line up for Autumn, here.

 3. This dress - and these colors.
 sold by Garnet Hill here

4. This amazing little bowl.
It has illustrations from the book The Little Prince, which I have always loved (thanks to my wonderful friend, Anne in France). I am always a fan of cute dishes... and may just buy myself a present!
You can find this bowl and more cute stuff here.

5. This gorgeous bedroom
 I would absolutely adore this peaceful space. You can see more pictures of this room here.

6. Why didn't I think of this?
Using rubber bands as a seam allowance guide!! Genius! No more tape for me.

 7. This cool idea for a masked party!
In the blogger's words, "If you don't own a cool mask, create your own with make up!"
Check it out here.

8. This inspiring plate decor
 As found on Staci Edwards Blog. Love the whimsical arrangement of them. Who says decorative plates have to be aligned in a certain way? This is pleasing to the eye, and a joy to view. Hmm... maybe I'll have to start collecting plates and put them up in my house! Perhaps around my future piano?

9. This cutified House Targaryen sigil...
 Can't wait for the next season of Game of Thrones (though it could do with a lot less boobies, if you ask me) to start! Click here to see more cutified house sigils.

10. Dexter
Although these "Keep Calm and ___" posters are really getting on my nerves - I must say that I just couldn't resist this one. Thanks to my friend Jenn for pinning it!


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