09 September, 2011

A Present!

Bilbo has been freed from his time in the cone of shame. About time, too - it's only been SIX damn weeks! But his little bum sore is all better and we're all trying to move on in life.

Wednesday was his first real unsupervised cone-free day. I let him outside for a couple hours, and when he came home, I closed the windows and doors so he'd stay home for the rest of the evening. Yesterday, when I let him outside, he brought him his first ever gift to me.

A field mouse.

I was both pleased and horrified. Pleased because he's off using his natural instincts - keeping a rodent from deciding to come into my home now that the weather is starting to chillify. Horrified... because he's never brought home a dead ANYTHING before and he had a much better opportunity, I think, at our previous cottage - which was pretty much infested. Rats galore.
Then again, rats are kinda the a-holes of rodent communities... and Bilbo wasn't much bigger then than a rat...

Anyway - I thanked Bilbo for his generous gift before he decided it was time to eat it... at which time I grasped the mouse by its tail and flung it over the fence into the back field. Blech.

They grow up so fast. Seems like only yesterday he looked like this:


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