30 September, 2011


365 Breakfasts-349: Danish & Water

(click photo for source via Flickr)

A friend of mine came over yesterday for some assistance in Photoshop, but before we got to work, she and I decided to go get some coffee in Fermoy. We stopped by O'Brien's and with a bit of guilt because of my diet, I ordered a Latte. I watched in horror as she ordered a danish, "for us to split" after she ordered her double espresso.
While on my diet, I've done so very well, and I've been very proud of myself. A few times, I've gone over my calorie allotment, but my overall success shows in the 5 pounds I've lost. Go me!

We took our orders to our table and I watched her cut the danish in two. I took the smaller portion, and convinced myself it would be ok. I hadn't had breakfast, and I could make up for it later.

After my friend and I finished our Photoshop edits, and she had gone home - I went to check the calories of a danish and a latte... and was utterly dismayed. Almost 500 calories had been wasted on something that was not even all that enjoyable.
Fortunately, a little walk and light eating for the rest of the day helped me not go over my limit.

Lesson learned... beautiful looking food can be dangerous.


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