13 June, 2011


I freakin' LOVE this stuff. 

When I was a teen, I had a pretty normal case of acne. Nothing horrendous, but I never went a day without at least 3-4 zits (spots) on my face. I knew that I was lucky compared to some, but that didn't stop me from trying E V E R Y T H I N G that I could find to clear my skin. 
I read somewhere when I was about 14 that witch hazel was supposed to work wonders for your skin, so I went and bought a gigantic bottle (that was all they sold) for $.90 at the local grocery store. After a week of using it, I didn't see a difference, so I stuck the bottle under my counter never to be used again. Now, I'm wishing that I just stuck with it!! Witch hazel is wonderful!

As I've gotten older and learned more about my skin, I've discovered that I have combination skin - meaning that some parts of my face are oily and some are dry. Even as an adult, I still get zits. Before using this stuff, I had at least one zit on my face per day. I don't mean I had a new one each day, but by the time one healed, I had developed another.
This product happens to be perfect for my combination skin and now I have maybe one or two every couple of weeks, which for me is absolutely amazing!

I use it whenever I'm showering (which is every other day) and it lasts me about 6 months per bottle. I've used it for almost 8 months now, and I'm so, so happy.
It smells great. Not too flowery, just natural and clean. It has a really nice foam, but not overly foamy like some products, and it's easy to wash off. Some cleansers leave a sort of residue on my skin, and this definitely does not.
There are tiny little beads in it that are supposed to be exfoliating, and while they're nice I don't think there are enough of them to actually be considered "exfoliating". More like "massaging".

I also love their Cleansing and Toning Wipes for use right before bed. I'll admit, I am LAZY when it's bedtime and sometimes can barely shuffle to the bathroom to brush my teeth let alone go to all the trouble to wash my face. These are super quick and efficiently remove all my makeup and any extra gunk on my face, leaving it feeling tight and clean without much effort at all. They're perfect for every day for me, but especially travel because they're lightweight and squishable. 

I'm not sure if you can buy it in the states, but here in Ireland I just pick it up in Tesco! Read more about their product line at their site, here!

In other news, today was another running day. I had a good mindset going into it, thanks to my very motivating Fitness and Health pinboard on Pinterest.
I even got pretty for the treadmill today, and why not? Knowing me, I'll sit around in my workout clothes for a good hour afterward waiting for the shower water to heat up, so why not be pretty and sweaty instead of just sweaty? 

trying not to feel stupid...

Today's motivation while running came while watching the numbers tick by on the distance-o-meter. I knew that last week's run was good, but I wanted to go farther and push myself a bit.
After the warm up, instead of running at 5mph, I pushed it up to six! I did two runs (one minute each) at 6mph, two at 5.5mph, and all the rest at 5mph (all the walking at 3mph, as normal). It was wonderful! I felt absolutely amazing when I saw 1.92 miles at the end of my workout!! Hooray! That's just a little more than 3 kilometers in half an hour. Not too shabby.

A nice perk about workout days is the tone it sets for the rest of the day after a successful run. I find myself feeling strong and confident for the remainder of my day as well as feeling more energized! Loving how this makes me feel. 


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