28 June, 2011

Ten Things I Love Tuesday #6

Welcome to the sixth installment of 10TILT, a collection of things that I'm a fan of each week! I hope you enjoy it and maybe even find some new things to love!

1. The Mud Man and Moss Maiden

Oh how I would love to do this in my future yard. How fun! These statues really appeal to me and my whimsical sense of... well... everything. You can read more about the Mud Man and Moss Maiden, here.

2. This storage idea for the bathroom.

We have tiny bathrooms (except one, which we actually don't use because it's sorta inconveniently placed). With tiny bathrooms comes tiny amounts of storage space. I found this simple solution here.

3. This button hole opening idea.

I made a shirt and finally got around to sewing the buttonholes... and should have opened them this way... but I didn't... and now my amazing homemade shirt has a gigantic zig-zagged space above one of the button holes, because I forgot to use the pin at the top. Oops.

4. This hilarious hat advertisement. 

This is on a website sporting several funny ads, but this one stood out to me especially after last night's incident in the cul-de-sac. I was walking around outside listening to a wedding client tell me about her plans, and overheard some kids playing. "Okay." one of them said, "We're the good guys and you can be the GERMANS." Haha! You know you live in Europe when...

5. This amazing device.

Where can I find one to buy?! I'm serious! I hate, Hate, HATE pressing a candybar-sized phone to my head and this is perfectly reminiscent (in shape) of the phone we had when I was a kid. Want!!! Found here via Pinterest.

6. I am in love with this painted floor.


Click photo for source on Flickr.

7. Pretty nails!

Grace of Glaze Craze has beautiful nails. Here, all I own are three different shades of pink and red. I've been on the hunt for some prettier colors, but nail polish in Ireland is not only freakishly expensive, but comes in a teeny tiny bottle... almost to be considered as a two use portion. Yikes!

8. This Pizza Puffs recipe.

I  have made these twice now with fantastic results. I absolutely love them! Thanks, Monica, for the wonderful recipe and tutorial :)

9. What goes with Pizza? Strawberry Daiquiris of course!

My friend, Jocelyn, of Playing it Cooley crafted the perfect recipe for this delicious mocktail. Check out her blog for more excellent reading! Thanks, Jocelyn!

10. This beautiful quilt.

Tree Quilt

I adore this quilt. Click image for source on Flickr.


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