01 June, 2011

Scissor Zen.

Hello, my name is Shannon and I have lots of scissors.

Technically that rotary cutter is not a pair of scissors, but it cuts nicely, and it's sharp, so I included it. This photo only represents a fraction of the many pairs of scissors I have. Growing up with a seamstress mother, I learned at a very young age that there are scissors for every purpose.

Cutting paper
Cutting fabric
Cutting thread
Kitchen scissors (in which, I have recently learned, there are a myriad of scissors for - chicken, herbs, etc.)
Crafting scissors (the ones that are ok to cut foil, cardboard, ribbon, twine, tape, etc.)
Household scissors (the ones that are used for gouging things, cutting shoelaces and dirty things, small-stemmed plants, thin wire... these scissors are usually pitted and don't open and close smoothly)

I knew that cutting through thick papers with mom's sewing scissors was strictly prohibited, no matter how sharp and wonderful they were.
Inevitably, I learned which scissors were which and used them appropriately, occasionally helping dad remember too so he wouldn't face the wrath of mother.

Mom was great about keeping all of the scissors sharp though. We used to send them off to get sharpened at least once a year. Oh how I wish I had that consistency.

As an adult, and now with a collection of my own scissors I love knowing there's a tool for every purpose. Each time I use my wonderfully sharp fabric scissors, or cut a fancy edge into paper - I achieve scissor zen.

Truth be told, I'm still teaching my husband which scissors are ok for which projects... it drives him crazy. I can't help cringe when V picks up my fabric scissors and wonder what sandpaper he'll go off and cut or which piece of wood he'll chisel at with them - until he snips off a thread from his jeans and moves on. Whew!! He's been very patient with me in my scissor OCD-ness, and has started to ask before he cuts. Recently he came into the craft room and hovered over the small scissors, nervously eyeballing each one.
"Um... Which ones can I cut a small rubber hose with?"

Let me anthropomorphize them make it easier for you, honey.

I recently learned how to use my rotary cutter. I'm glad, too. I bought it thinking it would be super easy to use and that I'd hit the ground running. Not so. There was a little learning curve and after I cut one of my nails off (just the white part, but it was a close call), I put it away and just used scissors.
Until recently! I braved the rotary cutter, was careful of my fingers, and everything went perfectly. It's love.

I have about 40 pairs of decorative paper scissors, a fabric scissor, two thread scissors, a small crafting scissor, a small multipurpose scissor, pinking shears, and several "household" pairs... but with all those scissors, it seems it's almost always impossible to find the right ones at the right time, and that's what really drives my poor husband nuts, I think. What's the word for the opposite of zen again?

What do you have a lot of? What is your "zen" item?


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