02 June, 2011

DIY Wall Art Tutorial

I was perusing Pinterest recently and was let to this shop on Etsy that has some gorgeous wall art made from pages of old books. In fact, I kinda fell in love with this one that they made:

However, being a crafty person, I've always had a hard time buying something as art until I've sufficiently decided that I can't do it for myself. So today, I did just that, and maybe tomorrow you can too!

You will need:

  • a frame
  • paper of your choice for the matting
  • pages from an old book (I got mine from a local flea market)
  • a precision cutting device... or paper cutting scissors
  • a ruler
  • photo mounts (little squares that adhere to the back of photos/paper - can be found in scrapbooking stores)
  • digital images
  • a computer with resizing software (I used Photoshop)
  • a printer

Here's what I did to make three pieces of art. Hey, since everything's already out, might as well make more than one, right?

I cut three pages out of my book

Then sliced off the rough edges using a ruler and a knife, and measured my page. You'll need these measurements when you go to resize and print your images.

I had already chosen three images that I wanted to use for my wall art. I happened upon an amazing site (www.vintageprintable.com) that has thousands of royalty free, vintage amazingness for you to print off or use. The images are old enough to be believed to be able to be used without infringement. Score!
I went with a sea theme, and found images with similar colors.

I opened these images in Photoshop, cleaned them up a bit, and resized them for my purposes. Then I printed the images directly onto the book pages.

Now, since hubby and I share a car, I can't just run off to the store to buy materials when he takes the car to work. So I improvised with making mats, and ended up saving money in the process because it's all paper out of my old scrapbooking supplies. Besides, if I got traditional mats, they would cover the wonderful aged edges to the pages, and what's the fun in that?!

First, I made sure that the background paper (cream-colored) fit the frames. It didn't, of course, so I had to trim it down. Basic stuff. Just lay the glass over the paper and A.) cut away the excess with a knife, or B.) draw a line and cut the excess with scissors.

Next, I decided how much black paper I wanted to stick out from behind the book pages.

After I cut the black paper to the size I needed, I placed adhesive squares (more scrapbooking stuff, thank you mom) to the back, and decided where I wanted to put it on the cream-colored background paper.

I repeated that step with the book pages themselves, too.
For a little bit of visuality, I did not place the black mat directly in the center of the page. I moved it up a little - but centered it from side to side (the image below is before centering).

Once everything was secured down, I cleaned the glass of the frames and put my new wall art inside, then hung them up!

I'm pretty pleased with the results, and all in all, it cost me nothing! I love using up materials we already have.
If you make something using this tutorial, I'd love to see! Leave me a link and I'll check you out!


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