08 June, 2011

DIY Lavender Sachet Tutorial

Lavender is an all around wonderful plant. Truly, it is. It is a natural moth and insect repellent, it is an antiseptic, and a wonderful sleep aid to name a few.
I have recently discovered my love for lavender sachets in my clothes drawers to keep my socks and unmentionables company, as well as tossing them in the dryer with my sheets for a good night's sleep.

Garden dream

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Recently, a friend commissioned me to make some lavender sachets for her. I made her several and many more to give away as gifts to my local friends, and even sent a few to my grandma in Alaska! My friends here loved them (gramma hasn't gotten hers yet, but I hope she'll feel the same), and I thought it might be nice to share my simple method for making them with you!

Follow along this easy tutorial and make your own lavender sachets in no time at all! If you're not into sewing and would still like to have some lavender sachets of your very own, please check out my etsy shop to purchase some!

You'll need:

  • scrap fabric, at least 3"x3" (for this tutorial)
  • pinking shears 
  • lavender buds
  • a PostIt note
  • a sewing machine (or you can hand stitch, if you prefer)
  • about 15 minutes of your day
First of all, I'm sorry for switching fabric halfway through the tutorial. Now that you know the fabric switches, you'll be on top of things and not get confused! Hooray!

Start with your pieces of fabric with their wrong sides together. 

Then place your pattern on your fabric. You may pin it if you like, mine happened to be sticky! Make sure you leave enough room for your pinking shears' edge all the way around.

With your pinking shears, cut around your pattern, just outside of it.

When you finish cutting, it should look like this:

Here's where the fabric switches. Stay with me!
Keeping the wrong sides together, take your squares to the sewing machine and stitch around three edges, making sure to backstitch at the beginning and end. I like to follow the edge of my presser foot along the inside of the jagged edge, which makes a little more than a 1/4" seam.

Open up your sachet, and fill it gently with lavender buds. When it's nearly full, pack the buds down so they fill half of the sachet, making a bulge at the bottom.

I didn't switch on you again! This is the back of the yellow sachet. Cute, huh?
Your lavender bulge shouldn't be TOO big - just enough to comfortably close the sachet at the top.

Close the top and sew, remembering to backstitch at the beginning and end.

Have a look at your sachet, trim all the excess threads, and decide if you're finished or not. Sometimes my jagged edges don't line up after stuffing and sewing, so I take my pinking shears and trim them a little to make them pretty. If your lines all match up, or if you aren't too concerned about it - you're done!

I prefer to clean up the edges though. Especially to give away or sell. If you're planning on using these in the dryer, consider doing a second set of stitching, but if your original seams are good, I don't find it necessary.



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