15 June, 2011

Bag lady

I have been just crafting, crafting, crafting lately with more crafting on the horizon! Every single day this week, I'm expecting something new and exciting in the post. That's right. I'm an internet shopper.

Let's chat about why I'm an internet shopper for a moment, then put it on the shelf never to speak of it again. V and I share a car. When he goes to work, he takes the car. I could get up and take him to work but I'm too lazy we're trying to watch our gas money spendage.
Also, I live in Ireland. I've lived in Ireland for about a year and a half now, and still am not acquainted with where to get what I want. I only recently found out where to buy craft glue (in a BOOKSHOP in Fermoy).
It's so nice to type in my query on Ebay.ie and see what comes up. I's so easy to support local shops by purchasing from their Etsy.com stores.
Yesterday I received three packages in the post, one from Cyprus, and two from England. The one from Cyprus smelled spicy. I'll admit that I held it up to my nose and inhaled for a few minutes before opening... against my better judgement. There was no Anthrax.
Only spicy goodness.
Today, my package came from county Clare.

I love post. Even when it's blurry.

These glorious little wrapped goodies have been facilitating my crafting needs. Thread, fabric, embroidery hoops (none of which are related to the same craft). So many plans... so little time.

With all that talk about new supplies, what better time to use up some old ones, right? I bought a set of fat quarters a million years ago and have S L O W L Y been using them. Just one set. Five fabrics. More than a year. I decided it's time to use them up. I failed. But! I made a cute, cute bag!


It took me about an hour, using this fabulous tutorial. I made some minor adjustments (made it thinner, and did a bit of a different divider pocket, and I couldn't be more pleased. Can't wait to throw in a few lavender sachets and send it to my mother in law!


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