09 June, 2011

Back on the Horse! C25K Week 1 Day 1... again.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it has taken two and a half months since my failure the Couch to 5k running plan. Actually quitting came after completing w4w1!
I think I quit with the mentality of "quit while you're ahead". I've tried twice to get started again with working out to no avail. I tried starting out slow, and just getting some exercise by walking for half an hour on the treadmill while watching a TV show with hubby, but that got unbelievably boring and I quit after only two attempts.
Part of it was that I was disappointed. Mostly in myself, but also that I didn't seem to be losing weight. My friends who were doing the C25K workout all seemed to be having success, and I wasn't. Not that it was a competition, but I felt left behind and super bummed out.
This time around, my thoughts are different. My mindset is different. I'm ready.

feeling great after my triumphant return to working out!
There is a fit, gorgeous body in there, just waiting to be sculpted.

My inspiration to start up again came from just the usual stuff. My clothes not fitting right. All week, each time I sit or stand it's like my jeans and my shirts are repelling each other. My shirt goes up, my jeans go down - fat is exposed and nobody likes cold fat. :-)

So I decided that despite my worries about my thyroid and hormones not letting me lose weight, I'm going to try again anyway. I could be wrong, and until we get that damn medical card, we just wont know. Besides, my thyroid/hormone levels being off kilter doesn't stop my body from adjusting to working out and gaining stamina which is a lesson I enjoyed learning last time.

Today I started at the bottom again, to ensure that my body is able to adjust. I started with the Couch to 5k Week 1, Day 1 which alternates walking 90 seconds and running 60 seconds for about half an hour (including warm up and cool down).

It was much easier this time around. Much, much easier than I remembered it. The first time I did this, I didn't think I would be able to finish. I thought I would die, and I remember gasping for air.
I didn't have to push myself to finish this time. Toward the end of the workout, the last couple runs got a bit more difficult, but nothing I couldn't handle. I feel so proud of myself today!

Last time I walked at 3mph and ran at 4.3mph, and at the time, it worked for me. Today I walked at 3mph and ran at 5mph and after all was said and done, I went 1.2 miles further than the last time I did this.
It feels great to get back on the horse, but feels even better knowing that I'm stronger than I thought I was.



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