13 May, 2011


Ever since our kitten Bilbo grew into an adult-ish cat, he has started to develop more and more of his own quirky personality. I'm loving it, most of the time. 
He has developed games for himself to play alone and with us as well as leaving home to have his own adventures - though, I'm relieved to say, he always comes home safe. His silly little traits are so funny! 

Bilbo is great about eating his food, but recently, he's become particular about his water. If it has been sitting in his bowl for more than a day, he refuses to drink it. Sometimes, if it sits for more than a few hours, he won't drink it. 
About a week ago, while I was in the shower, I tried an experiment. I left the tap on in the bathroom and watched it. Within minutes, Bilbo heard the water and jumped up to discover his new passion: fresh running water. In fact, he'll go hours without drinking (not for lack of fresh water in bowls around the house) just waiting for us to turn on the tap for him. 

A couple days ago, when I was still getting used to his new obsession, I noticed Bilbo being extremely affectionate. He usually does this if he's running low on food, or if we have been gone during the day so I thought it odd that he was so lovey at that time. I checked his food - fine. I'd been home all day, so I picked him up and cuddled him a little before he resisted and walked away "grumbling". 
Have you ever heard your cat grumble? I don't mean growling, but just talking or meowing seemingly under his breath... he walked out of the room, tail in the air and grumbling. A few minutes later, I heard,





So of course I went looking for him. I called his name, and got "meow" in return. When I found him, he was informing me in his own special way, of what it was he needed.

Silly me!


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