24 May, 2011

Ten Things I Love Tuesday #1

It looks like some of you got a preview of today's post, from when I accidentally clicked "publish post" instead of "save as draft". Silly me! I thought I had put it into draft mode quickly enough, but alas - all of the lovely followers who read my blog through Google Reader were able to read the whole darn thing! I like to think of it like a preview... you know, like if you won tickets to see an advance release of a movie or something :) Whether you were able to see it early, or if you had to wait until now, I hope you enjoy the first installment of my new series, 10TILT.

I've decided that each Tuesday, I'll post 10 things that I love ... so welcome to my very first 10TILT!

I love...

1. This Owl Candle from WestElm.com

It's a shame they only ship to the US. My consolation is that even if they did ship to Ireland, the cost would be astronomical. But! It's still adorable, and fun to dream about!

2. Google Chrome

Right after Chrome came out for Mac, I downloaded it and fell in love. Somehow, I managed to switch over to Firefox and for some reason, never looked back. A little over a year later, I rediscovered and fell back in love with Chrome... and I wonder what it was that made me switch in the first place.

3. This beautiful piece of artwork by Terry Fan

I just love the whimsy of all of Terry Fan's artwork. If I could afford it, I would buy one for every wall of my sewing room and at least one for my bedroom. You can buy his art here.

4. My yarn drawer.

It's messy and full of insanity, but from it I draw inspiration and ideas for things to knit when I learn enough. There's roving in there waiting to be spun into yarn, and all kinds of yarns from my friend Jana all the way over in the states who was sweet enough to send me some. Friends are great!

5. This coat rack by Etsy seller Cantilever & Press

This particular coat rack has sold, but I just LOVE the idea of using nature indoors. Functional and aesthetic, it's perfect for a cabin in the woods or if you're like me - a more modern look with "cabin" decor. Check out their Etsy shop to see more of their nifty items. Also file this under "things I wish I had thought of to make". ;-)

6. This raven skull hair tie by Etsy seller mrd74

I'll admit that I've always had a macabre sense of humor. I love to wear/own unique items that make everyone go, "Whaaaaat?". That being said, you may understand why I happen to love this hair tie! This artist makes all kinds of amazing things, and I encourage you to check them out! I'm definitely considering buying this collar for Bilbo... not that he's ever killed a bird.

7. My Keen Cheynne house slippers

Just thinking about these make my feet happy. They've got great grip for working around our hardwood and tile floors, they're nice and warm in the winter, but not too warm most other days, and they're oh, so comfy. I love that I can punk around indoors and go outdoors on quick trips without worrying about ruining them. The only complaint I have is that they pill like nobody's business, but it's a small price to pay and totally worth it. 

8. These crayon totems created by artist Diem Chau.

They are so gorgeous and (obviously) colorful, and the details!! Oh, the details. Check out more of this artist's work/blog here. Go now. I'll wait. 

9. Cardboard moose heads, by Cardboard Safari!!! 

You can bet your booty I'm buying one of these to hang over my fireplace. I grew up with a set of moose antlers in our house, and this would be the perfect tongue-in-cheek reminder. Not to mention they're unique and a fun conversation piece. Want one? Buy one here!

10. Last but not least, this "demotivational" image, just because it makes me crack up hysterically.

What do you love this week?


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