11 May, 2011


Last weekend, V and I had finally had enough with the arrangement of our upstairs rooms. The wrong furniture placed in the wrong rooms... and a bunch of clutter to boot! Because of these things, our already small-ish rooms seemed tiny!
We decided to tackle this problem because after all, this is our home. We should feel happy in our spaces. Right? Of course right.

It took a few days to find places for everything and put everything in it's place but at last! It's complete!
If you'd like a little preface of how the house looked when we moved in, read this blog.

Let's start with the smallest and work our way up, shall we?

My Craft Room!

It's small, small, small - in fact, it's smaller than our largest bathroom. BUT it's mine! It is still a work in progress, but look how far it's come!

My room's humble beginnings. This is how it looked when we moved in.

This room quickly became the room where things that didn't fit anywhere else (at the moment) would go. Eventually I moved the table on the right over against the wall on the left... which worked for the most part. The trouble with that was, the desks together were so long that I could barely open the drawers of the white wardrobe in the corner.

Here's the desk. Try as I might, I could not keep it clean from clutter.
Inevitably, the space was just so darn small that I had to bring the sewing machine downstairs and work from one of our TWO dining tables.

 In the mean time, V took pity on my interior design woes, and let me purchase a china hutch/sideboard (I haven't any idea what it's actual name is) to go into my craft room. That thing holds SO MUCH and makes me feel organized at the same time. It's so nice to see all my fabrics at the same time because out of sight really is out of mind when it comes to that sort of thing. At least for me it is.

We decided to move the office into what was our bedroom, and our bedroom into what was the guest room/clutter-collector. Which meant moving the "big computer" and the office desks out of my little craft room. Some quick measurements showed that our second dining table would fit PERFECTLY in this space, so up the stairs it went. I think it's great!

So here is my room in all of it's newly rearranged glory:

 The wall on the right as I enter the room is going to have a tall counter installed (removable, of course since we are renting) with a few more shelves. Above that, I plan on hanging a pegboard to put ribbons, scissors, and all kinds of other knick-knacks on. Also, I'd like to paint - but need to run it by the landlords first.
I'm very excited about my new space and spend pretty much every free second in it doing creative things! And may I just say... I love all the light in this room!!!

Next up, the medium sized room -
This was our bedroom as we moved in:

The house we rent came furnished, so this bed was already here. We figured since this space already had the bed, we'd try it out and see if it worked.
This space, with this bed in it? No. Opening the wardrobe doors becomes impossible while standing at the end of the bed, and if you drop one article of clothing on the floor, the room looks like a disaster.

The house came with a twin bed, so that got moved into this room instead, as well as all the office-related furniture and the "big computer", and the chest of drawers from what used to be the guest room.  I seriously can't believe how much more space we have. Look!

The "big computer" is where we usually edit our wedding photography so it's pretty important that the space it resides in is a peaceful place. What I mean by that is - it's harder to concentrate when your desk is full of distractions and the room is a disaster. I feel like this will be a much more productive space. I'm excited!

That brings us to the final room of our rearranging frenzy, our new bedroom!

This is how it was (with some of our stuff) when we moved in:
It actually required a bit more work than the other rooms - because those wardrobes are not easy to disassemble and they're HEAVY! I emptied the wardrobe and moved it to the opposite wall, and against the wall where the bathroom door is (to the left) *coughallbymyselfcough* while V was at work one day. Zero scratching of the floors. Go me!
The twin bed was originally placed parallel to the wall with the windows, and the dresser was where the (dark wood) hope chest sits in the photo above. That left enough space for our treadmill to go if it's folded up. When it was in use, we just rolled it out to the middle of the floor.
Of course, i forgot to take photos of this... so here's what you get instead:
A "halfway moved" photo!

We took the bed apart and removed that awful headboard (not only was it ugly, and a little smelly - it collected dust like nobody's business, and perhaps the worst of all it swayed back and forth hitting the wall with the tiniest of movements - our poor neighbors) and wheeled the divan bases into this room, cleaned it up, and voila! The finished product! Complete with orange, furry laziness adorableness.

See the entry door? That stupid little diagonal wall is both a great thing and a stupid thing and was almost my undoing when figuring out how to arrange the bedroom. Good thing I'm not an interior designer.

We are just over the moon with how it all shaped up! Now I think I'll focus on getting some COLOR onto those super blank, super WHITE walls - be it in photo or paint form. Somethin's gotta happen.


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