05 May, 2011

My newest friend

 Hello everyone!

I'd like you to meet my new friend Ollie the Great Horned Owl.

We met last weekend by chance as V and I were driving through the back roads of Fermoy on our way to our weekend adventures. The Irish are a friendly bunch, so of course, Ollie was game for some good conversation.

He told me about how he passes the day, and how much he enjoys mice and other yummy things. Ollie is a great conversationalist for only a year old. He told me about the neighbors and his 200 bird friends who live where he stays locally and is kept by a very sweet fellow who is camera shy. He said he has a few more years to finish growing, and that his favorite color was blue.

I informed Ollie that he looks sorta like my dear kitty-friend, Jewels...

I'm not sure what he thought about that...


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