23 May, 2011


For the last several days - nearly a week, I've been experiencing headaches at least once a day, but sometimes more.

Usually, I'm not one to get headaches. Loud music pumped into my ears, a jackhammer right outside my window, bright lights (big city...), bonking my head... none of these things usually cause my head to feel like it does right now.


At first, I thought maybe I wasn't getting enough water, and that ended up not being the case. I learned this after drinking several glasses a day for 2-3 days with no relief.

Next, I thought it could be the weather. It's been cloudy and rainy for the past week - but yesterday and today are pretty sunny, and the ache persists. Not enough sleep? Not possible... I get between 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Too much sugar? Nope. Withdrawals from caffeine or sugar? No. I don't "use" enough to become dependent.  Some little high-pitched noise? Oh you mean other than my ongoing tinnitus? No.
Am I stressed? No.
Am I sensitive to smells? No.
Am I confused? Absolutely...

Not being someone who likes to take painkillers (or pills of any sort, really), I've tried listening to soft music, like that of Yo-yo Ma, Edgar Meyer, and Mark O'Conner -

 Appalachia Waltz / Ma, Meyer, O'Connor
To no avail.

It's really messing with my day, man! My thoughts are pretty fuzzy anyway, but with these headaches, it becomes even worse. Then add in a dash of fatigue and don't even try to have a coherent conversation with me. 

So today, when I woke up with yet another headache, I was not surprised. Part of me is worried that this is becoming a regular symptom of something being wrong with my thyroid, and part of me hopes that it's just something in the house. Come on, medical card... mama needs a new head/brain.

Now, I think I shall take some time for some relaxing yoga, and if that doesn't help - a nap... then some pain killers, if all else fails.

What is your favorite remedy for headaches?


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