26 May, 2011

mind traveling

Also known as Daydreaming.

I've been doing this alllll day. Mainly because we're booking our tickets to Sweden for the summer holidays, and I can't help but think of all the places in and outside of Europe that I want to see for myself. Air fare from Ireland to many places in the European Union (EU) are really reasonable, so it's hard not to dream. Here is a (short) list of places I'd like to go to, in no particular order.


Two words. Geothermal energy. Because of volcanoes in Iceland (ahem... like the one that is currently spitting ash all over the place) they're able to take advantage of that and produce heat and electricity for their country. All from glorious mother earth. I took a shower once, heated by geothermal energy (in Yellowstone National Park) and it was the most wonderfully glorious shower I have experienced to date.
I'd like to visit Iceland to see the natural beauty of the country. The wildlife, the landscape... everything. Maybe experience Þorrablót, the Mid Winter feast and try scary things like rotten shark meat and boiled sheep head... silly vikings. Perhaps to see the Winter Lights Festival in Reykjavík... or just say the name over and over because it's fun. Reykjavík, Reykjavík, Reykjavík. Basically, I'd like to visit Iceland in winter or autumn.

the rose dance

There are lots of interesting things about Bulgaria. Like their region specific yogurt (which contains a bacteria only found in Bulgaria), and their opposite head nodding and wagging... up and down means "no", side to side means "yes". At least that's what I've heard. Correct me if I'm wrong. Blame the historical fiction. I wish to visit Bulgaria to see for myself the rich history of the country. For me, history is much more exciting when experiencing it for yourself. I want to visit the Black Sea (in my lifetime goal to see and touch every Sea and Ocean in the world --- and yes, I know they're all connected) and learn about the species of life specific to that area. I want to see the Rose Festival and taste local food. I'd like to visit Bulgaria during the summer, even though I know it is super hot (in Shannon degrees).

Notre-Dame de Paris (France)

Specifically, Paris. Ahh the city of love. The shopping, the food, the museums... to visit the Mona Lisa herself and take in the place where the famous Eifell Tower sits. I know it's one of the more cliche places to see and visit, but I don't care. My friend Anne lives near the city, so with her as my guide Paris doesn't have to be touristy. I would love to visit Paris in the spring... and sing that song.


Heck, while I'm in Bulgaria, why not stop down in Greece while I'm in the area? Take in some of that fresh air and hellooooo Mediterranean Sea! Archeological sites for ancient Minoan cultures and museums filled with things about the Macedonians and Alexander the Great, the theater, and so many other things. The islands and their white buildings and sea-blue roofs... the food! A real Greek Gyro and more deliciousness wrapped in a grape leaf. The birthplace of the Olympic Games!!! BAH!! My head wants to explode, just thinking about all the amazingness in Greece. I would want to visit Greece in the winter, I think, so that I could enjoy my visit without fainting from the heat.


Morocco - Marrakech: Mystery
I want to ride a camel. I want to see the desert. I want to listen to story tellers and shop at a market. I want to see a Maghreb horse riding event. The music, the culture, the food. My dreams of going to Morocco are too big to put into words.
I imagine I'll stick out like a sore thumb there... being pasty, pale, almost-see-through white and (currently) blond. But that's part of the adventure.

Where do you want to go?

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