18 May, 2011

Android photography

About three years ago, I purchased an iPhone 2G. That was what was out at the time. About a week after my purchase, the iPhone 3G came out, for less money and I have to say I was super pissed. 
That being said, I've held onto and used my iPhone 2G continuously the whole time, and have very few complaints. The software updates almost always bring something newly upgraded, and it has kept me very happy. 

I gave up my beloved iPhone recently when we had a bit of a mishap with V's phone. His screen cracked rendering the phone pretty useless, except to accept incoming calls (or dial a number you know by heart). Since he'd had his phone for quite a while, we decided it was time for an upgrade for him. V painstakingly read reviews and information online about new phones for a week before finally choosing one that he was happy with and that fit our budget.  

As a bonus, he found that if we bought the phone with a plan, data was included. Stick with me here.

The problem: it was a phone sold by another carrier. V's current provider is O2 and he's very happy with their service. 

The solution: "I" would buy the phone with the other provider's phone plan. I was also on O2, so that involved me switching my phone number from O2 to Three, then we would have his new phone unlocked (aka "jailbreaked" in the states) so V could have his new phone on his old plan, and I could have the new plan on my old iPhone. Easy peasy.

The problem: The new plan includes data. 3G. My iPhone was not able to be used with this plan, and V really, really wanted to stick to his O2 plan, so... we switched phones. I gave my iPhone to him to use, and I got the new phone.

Wellllll... it has been quite an adjustment to say the least. The Android market has apps made specifically for certain types of phones (from what I gather) and so many of the apps that I've been interested in don't work with this phone. Also, some of the apps that I have downloaded are also made to fit a different screen format, so some of the buttons are tiny, or the text is illegible. Sometimes the buttons are lost altogether. It's very frustrating. 
Also, the sound quality of the music is not great. At least not as great as my iPhone... so I've stopped even trying to use it. Basically I miss my iPhone.

In making due, during sleepless nights (yay insomnia!) I like to browse the Android market and see what's available. Last week, during a particularly un-sleepy night, I was (silently) bemoaning the fact that there aren't any decent apps for the camera feature on my phone. Enter Retro Camera.

I'm not one that likes to shift between black and white and color on my phone when I take photos, because it's usually a hassle. Also, I'm not a fan of the little photo editing software that some apps tout. I don't need to add a frame or a little heart or anything silly like that to my photos, as for the most part, they'll just stay on my phone.
When I downloaded this app, I was truly skeptical. After all the disappointments with apps in the past on this phone, in fact, I completely forgot I downloaded it at all until I was reminded by my friend Jocelyn's blog. When I opened it today, I was blown away by the goodness of this app! 

There are five different "cameras" to take photos with (some of which I recognize) and the interface is pretty user friendly. Black and white photos can be taken with a tap of the finger (no extra hassle!) and the results are pretty nice. Let me show you:

These are all photos of my USAF bear given to me by a favorite uncle...

My favorite black and white photo setting is from the "pinhole camera" though...

sigh. it helps that I definitely have a crush on my sewing machine too.

Anyway, it's a fun little app and so far I can't keep my fingers off of it. I've been snap, snap, snapping away!

Do you use Android or iPhone? What are your favorite apps? I'd love to hear from you! Please leave me a comment below :)


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