04 February, 2011

Under the weather randomness

Boy, January always seems like the month that everyone gets sick. I was hoping to avoid it this year, but no. This cold came on sooo suddenly too! I was completely fine, running around and feeling great and on Wednesday morning, i woke up completely sick. We're talking stuffy nose, runny nose, hot and cold flashes, shaky, irritable, and here's one not everyone has - my skin gets super duper sensitive. Fun times.

Actually, being sick has me more creative than usual, so that's a good thing. I've been planning projects and researching supplies... doing photography work. Speaking of which, I took part in a challenge on a message board i post on with the subject being "red". Here's what i came up with:

The last one is my favorite :) Just a piece of red construction paper rolled in a cone. Photography is fun.

Speaking of RED... today is National Wear Red Day in the states, to raise awareness and funds for heart disease in women! Who's wearing their red? Donate now!

I am not complaining about my radiator-heated home in any means... i do love being warm... but i honestly miss the glow of my wood stove, and the ability to cook on it. I loved the heat that thing produced.
What i don't miss is all the ash and soot it created. That was sort of a nightmare. Especially for my allergies. Our previous place was dusty anyway, but add a wood stove and a draft... i was pretty miserable unless i was on allergy meds. Maybe on second thought, i don't miss it that much.
I barely ever sneeze in this new place. Thank you radiators.

In other news... i have a crush on this shelf:

You can buy it here. But i'm seriously considering commissioning one in plain wood, then painting and distressing it. It would be super cute in my new sewing room for all the little jars of stuff i have... like buttons and needles and... ahem... batteries.

I keep most of our rechargeable batteries in a jar. If we need them, we just go take them from the jar, then put them back when they die. 
It's not a great system. I know.

We have many ugly books.
They're good books, just well loved, mostly purchased second hand, mostly paperback... some have just been read about a million times. Downstairs, we have a new cabinet, and i have forbidden any ugly books from going inside. I feel like i'm neglecting them though. You know how when you finish reading a really good story, and you're sort of disappointed that the story ended? It's kinda like saying goodbye to a friend. Our books are my friends and even though they're ugly, i still love them and i want to put them on a shelf somewhere. Perhaps i shall commission another wall shelf... for ugly books.

Recently, i've been thinking about swapping rooms. Our guest room is the master bedroom, and our bedroom is pretty tiny. No offence to our guests, but i think i'd rather have the larger room. I like to spend time in my room, but since ours is so small...
We didn't set it up this way. When we moved in, the bed was already in the room we're in so we just left it. I truly think we'll probably just leave it some more... until we can afford to get a new bed. 

I'd like to get a Fouton for the guest room instead of the twin (single) bed that's in there. A fouton offers a comfy place to sit and doubles as a bed. I think that's a great idea. Not all foutons are ugly, either... I know my first several impressions of foutons were that they were dowdy and old... ugly and smelly... until i saw my friend Heidi's non-ugly fouton. 
Ikea knows what i'm talking about:
Sofa, single bed, bed for two, and storage. Functional, not ugly, and super useful!

Apparently, i am on a white furniture loving kick. It's completely unintentional. I do like wood furniture and cloth furniture too... in other colors. 

Annnnnnd i need to design some new business cards. It's like people at weddings EAT them. They just go, and I don't notice until i'm out. Best get to work!



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