15 February, 2011

the mile high club

I know what you're thinking. Stop. This is not about sex in airplanes.

For the past several weeks, i have watched, horrified, as my waistline expanded to what it was before i moved to Ireland. I couldn't stop it, and i couldn't stop myself from shoving fistfulls of chocolate into my mouth whenever it was placed before me. Self-control is hard for me, especially when it comes to foods that i like.

As my last pair of "fat jeans" became too tight, i finally resolved not to buy bigger clothes, but to make my body smaller.
Ok... ok yes. i did buy one pair of bigger jeans - but it's just to get me through until i can wear my regular ones again. I can't be going about in sweats all the time! Hopefully by this time next month, i'll be able to fit my regular jeans again!

On Monday, inspired by my friend Emily, i started my very first ever training routine - the Couch to 5K program!
I have to say that i've always been impressed by the body's ability to change itself, but i am SO amazed that just on my second workout, i feel completely different than my first.

On Monday, my first workout was hard. I am completely out of shape, so the jogging was especially hard for me, and i felt like i wouldn't be able to finish the first workout! Nonetheless, i pushed myself through it, and felt awful afterward. Out of breath, heart racing, a little weird...

Tuesday, i grabbed a book and walked for 30 minutes at a pretty brisk pace. I couldn't believe how fast the time went! I set my treadmill to a "rolling hills" mode so i was going up and down during my walk, and afterward, i felt pretty decent.

Today was my second workout with the Couch to 5K program which is the same as the first - and i made it even further than last time before i felt like i was really pushing myself. At the end of it, i had gone 1.85k (just over a mile) in 20 minutes, and i felt pretty good after my stretch and when i caught my breath. I'm so proud of myself that i walked/jogged a mile today!! It may not sound like a lot, but for me, who has a hard time with stairs in my own house (if i have to go up them more than once in a row), that is a huge thing. I'll be riding that high all day!

Tomorrow will be another brisk walk, but i think i'll bump it up to 35-40 minutes, and Friday will be the last jog/walk for week one of the program! I'm so excited!
The fact that my body feels different (even if only slightly) after such a short amount of time is very heartening and encouraging. I only hope i can hold onto the way i feel (encouraged) right now throughout the whole process! Wish me luck!

***Edited to add***
A day later, i realized that i had made a mistake in my week! I lost a day! Don't you hate that. So! With that in mind... start over - Monday was really SUNDAY, Tuesday was really MONDAY... etc. Sorry to slow you down. haha


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