05 February, 2011

food for a rainy day

Have you ever made the perfect batch of cookies? 
I'll admit, that when i saw the ingredients of these cookies, i was a bit skeptical. I thought they'd turn out too sweet and that i'd inevitably end up giving them away. That's right. I give away food. Especially if i make too much of something. Might as well feed the world, right?
There was a TON of brown sugar that went into these, and the dough ended up being more sticky than what i'm used to: a more batter-like cookie dough. I've made some pretty awesome cookies with batter-like dough.
But these... 

Melt in your mouth, chocolate chip (thank you, Obergs!), sweet with a hint of salt... 
The most perfectly delicious cookies i have ever made. Great for this rainy Irish weather we're having.

You can find the recipe to make them yourself on my blog soon! I just need to make some tweaks before I share :)


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