22 February, 2011

Diet and Exercise

Weight has been a real problem area for me for the last several years. Even worse - motivating myself to do something about it!!!
It seems I always want to do something, but easily slip back into my bad habits. The other trouble is - i have a hard time finishing things that i start with personal projects. Recently, i've been getting better about it (because i finally admitted it to myself) but there are still times when, well... you know.

So here are all the posts where i complain about my weight, and try to start doing something about it:

  1. This is me. Honestly.
  2. Rats, Fats, and a little bit of Faith
  3. It ain't pretty...
  4. Calling in Fat... 
I don't mean to sound like a person who goes on and on about something and never does anything to solve it. In other situations, i am a solver of problems. When it comes to myself, i am not... I figure if i just leave it, i can come back to it later. This goes for many things in my own life; dishes, getting dressed in the morning sometimes, diet (obviously), fashion... but i decided that this is the year for change. Actual, real, change. I'm tired of being ashamed to look in the mirror. I'm sick of feeling self conscious when i shoot a wedding or go out in public. I am over disliking my body and not loving myself because of my own poor choices.

February 12, 2011 marked a milestone in my life. Perfect timing - as it would have been my mother's birthday. We bought a treadmill. Nothing fancy, second hand, but something I will use.
February 13th, 2011 marked milestone number two. After being continually being inspired by former wedding client-now friend, Emily - I started the Couch-to-5k program which promises that i'll be able to jog 5k (3.6 miles) in just 9 weeks.
It is a program that is perfect for me, couch potato that i am.

Here are the articles i have written as i have completed a workout:

Week One

Week Two:
Workout One
Workout Two
Workout Three

Week Three:
Workout One
Workout Two
Workout Three

Week Four:
Workout One
Workout One (take two and three)

And while i'm working on this, here are some other people's blogs who are going through or have completed the C25K program! Check them out! Be inspired.

The Daily Garnish
The Resolution Revolution
Fat Girl Running

I encourage you to join me on my journey! If you have a blog and are also doing this program, link to it here in the comments section and i'll add you to the above list as well as follow your blog and give encouragement!! Best of luck.


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