19 February, 2011

Couch-to-5k: end of week one

I just finished my last workout of week one of the C25k program... whew!

I did a sort of mid-week blog about it, but now that i finished the week, i can blog again! Right?! Yes.
Well, i must say that a week ago, i wouldn't have fathomed that my out of shape body would have been able to walk/run more than a mile in under 20 minutes.
This week's workout consisted of a brisk 5 minute walk, then alternating between 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking for a total of 20 minutes each time.

During the first workout, i didn't even think i was going to be able to finish - and i don't think i even went a mile when 20 minutes was up! That was just last Sunday.

Monday, I walked for a good 30 minutes at a fairly quick pace, while reading a book.

The second workout on Tuesday was noticeably better for me. I was able to finish, even if i did have to push myself through the final 2-3 minutes - but i did it and felt pretty proud of myself. That day i went 1.85km and decided that i would start keeping a little journal of my distances and times.

I walked again on Wednesday, but only for 25 minutes, as that was all i made time for.

Today is Saturday. I've been keeping busy with doing the costuming for this year's play by the Ballyduff Drama Group (see here) and with tonight being opening night, I had to make sure that all the details were finished. So i missed Thursday and Friday. I thought i might have lost some of my progress, so i went into today's workout a little hesitantly.
To my great surprise, i found myself turning up the speed and being able to keep up a fairly fast (for me) pace! Usually i walk for 90 seconds at 4.8 (speed) on my treadmill, then bump it up to between 7 and 7.8 for my 60 seconds of jogging. That's pretty much as fast as i could manage. Today, i grinned to myself when i felt good walking at 5.5 (speed) and bumping it to 9 (!!!) to jog!
Today was also the first day i ran with any sort of music - since i gave up my iPhone to my husband to use (it's a long story...) i've had no iPod. I was amazed at how much i actually used it as an iPod! Well today, i broke out my old 2nd generation iPod and rocked out to some Rhianna during my workout and the minutes were gone before i knew it.
Not only did i push myself, but i felt great during the workout (though i still get winded and out of breath during the jogging) and REALLY great afterward. Today i jog/walked 2.16km (1.3miles) in 20 minutes and did a little "woot!" when the distance of my previous workout ticked by on my treadmill.

Do i feel triumphant? Yes! Do i feel ready for week two of the C25k program? Heck Yes!! Bring it on.

Here i come, healthier, more fit me. Here i come.


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