26 February, 2011

C25k week 2, workout 3

Today's workout was sooooo good! I feel great and confident and the best part of all for me is that i'm starting to notice little physical changes in my body.

Originally, i wanted to do the workout yesterday, but my good friend came over for a sleepover and we ended up vegged out on the couch drinking too much beer. Cheers to the freakin' weekend.
I had plenty of water though, so i woke up without much of a hangover - though i still do feel off from the toxins that are hanging out in my poor, poor liver.
Truthfully, even though i want to work out today i was finding the motivation to actually get off my butt and DO it pretty difficult. That's the alcohol, i'd imagine. I should really be more careful with my body. The whole idea of getting into shape is not helped by excessive drinking. Note to self: think before you drink.

5:00pm rolled around and after i had taken a nap and updated my iPod, I marched myself right upstairs and plugged in the treadmill. I did my little warmup walk then started to jog to Alexis Jordan's Happiness. That, my friends, is a GREAT song to warm up to. With the help of her, Rhianna, Katy Perry, Eminem, Michael Buble, Tim Berg, and the Saturdays, i got through my entire workout without a single negative thought about how i felt. I didn't need to mentally encourage myself like i normally do, and possibly the greatest achievement this week was finishing my 20 minutes without ever "counting down the seconds" like i did at the beginning of this week. I watched the timer tick by absently, and looked out over the field behind my house imagining myself being able to jog all the way across it in one go someday soon!

There was a day this week where i was very discouraged, and may or may not have shed a few tears. We'll just blame that on hormones and move on. Looking back, i feel silly being discouraged so soon. I understand that though the body does change remarkably quickly, it does not change overnight and it was silly to expect so much from myself. As my dad says, "Rome was not built in a day."

I end this week being proud of myself, not only for making healthy choices, but for sticking to a routine and not letting myself get in the way of my goals. At the beginning of the week, i could barely jog 90 seconds in a row without feeling like my heart would explode. Today i'm ready to go into Week Three of the C25k program. Bring on the sweat!

ooh... i almost forgot to tell you! I've lost 1.5" off my waist alone since i've started this :) Complaints? I have none.


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