23 February, 2011

C25k: Week 2 Workout 2 and More Motivation

Today was my second workout in week two of the C25k program.
While this workout for me was not as painful as the last (thank God), i still huffed and puffed my way through it. All of it *back pat*.

Right around the 14 minute mark, my body was not a happy camper. I was short of breath, heart pumping quickly, sweaty... but never once did i think about quitting. Each time a negative thought flowed into my mind about how hard it was, or how uncomfortable i felt while running - i pushed it out of my mind with thoughts of how important this is to me and how i really, really want to be healthy and fit.

Today, i found a little more motivation as well!!! I'm excited to say that on my internet searchings, i ran across ( no pun intended) the Cork Running Blog showing races in my area for the whole year. I calculated when my 9 weeks of the C25k program would be up, and gave an extra week for cushion - April 18th is when i should be able to run 5k, more or less.
In looking through the races listed in April, there's one in one of my favorite Irish locations - Youghal (pronounced "Yohhlll" - not "yole" but a combination of "yole" and "y'all"...). A 4 mile beach run on April 26th.

While i realize what you experienced runners might be thinking - "beach run for a beginner?", the beach here is mostly packed sand and we'll be running in between high and low tide, so it will be like running on dirt, i think.

It gives me an extra couple weeks after my 9 week program to push myself that extra .4 mile (5k = 3.6 miles) to reach my goal and be ready for the race.

Obviously, i won't be running it as a race, but more as an achievement for myself. Even if i finish last, i finish and that is a wonderful thing to look forward to!

Are you starting the C25k challenge or currently going through it too? Leave a link to your blog here, in the comments! I'd love to follow your progress and leave you some encouragement!


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