18 January, 2011

Space... the sequel.

As a complete 180 from our previous place, we have several rooms rather than just one open space in the upstairs of our house. Yes. I just used "upstairs" as a proper noun. I think. Darn you, middle school English, for being so long ago!!!

A small trial with these spaces is that we have to find a place for what little furniture we do have (as the townhome came furnished), and still have a relatively comfortable flow and aesthetic. More or less, we don't want a jumbled, cluttered house. But who does? I mean really...

Part of the trouble is that we had the whole awkward situation with our previous landlords when we moved out, and we didn't get our laundry done for a couple weeks (if you remember, we shared a laundry machine... which sucked), then when we moved in, the laundry machine in the new place did not work. Our new landlords got a new one as soon as they good, but it was still about a week from the time we moved in - so add another week of laundry to the pile, not to mention sheets, blankets, pillows, and anything else that might have collected dust in the cottage we were in before. I have insane allergies, and washing everything is a good start to being able to breathe again, let me tell ya.

Our new wash machine was delivered yesterday morning, but the fellow did not install it. Just left it hanging out in my washroom, wrapped in plastic. He gave me some quick, verbal install instructions and rushed out the door, whisking away the old machine with him. Deep sigh. No install? I looked, wistfully at the door, the guy had just left through, and at my phone... considering calling V to come home for lunch or to call our neighbor (friends) to come help. Then i had a "WWMD" thought. What would mom do? Roll up her sleeves, that's what. So i did.
And i installed the wash machine (correctly!) all by myself!

 Please excuse my dust bunnies and slippers... they were beating up my pillows just before i took this. I've been doing load, after load, after load of laundry and i finally feel like i might be making a dent in it. With our rooms being fairly small and the space already taken up by other things, our dresser does not fit into our bedroom. We have a lovely large wardrobe, but it has no drawers... just shelves and a rail for clothes hanging. As i was walking out of the wash room this morning, i encountered these:

 There were seven empty boxes with no homes and no real plans. Now there are only five. Huzzah!

 Is it normal for curtains to grow tails?
Anyway... This is our smallest upstairs room, which has been adopted by yours truly as my own personal space. Sewing, crafting, editing... you name it. As you can see... there's toooooo much in this room right now, but at the moment, it all has to be dealt with as there's not much room to move it until we clean out....

 ...THIS SPACE... oh dear. Piles and piles and piles... That's it. Don't look. Move on.
 You're still looking, aren't you? Sigh. We'll probably move the hope chest downstairs, and the chest of drawers from the craft space will be moved into this room. This actually happens to be the master room. It's just the double bed is in the room we currently occupy already, so... we left it that way. On to the use of the wooden boxes. I had planned on getting baskets lined with cloth, but... this works for now, don't you think? One for me and one for V to put our undies and socks in so they're not all over the place on the shelf. And yes. That is about 85% of all my clothes. Summer, winter... everything.

 I'm just pleased with how neat it looks. Go me!
In other news, i've been itching to learn how to knit for quite some time now, and finally just took the initiative. I taught myself the stockinette stitch (knit one row, purl one row) but wanted something a little bit challenging as well as fun. I hate following the books' patterns as they're all scarves and dishcloths. Even though they teach technique, i wanted to march to the beat of my own drum. Go figure.
Here's a peek at what i've been working on. Intarsia! I found the chart online, here.

I had the best intentions to knit a scarf, but after seeing the back (which i will not show you), i believe i shall knit another square and stitch them together to make a super excellent potholder. :) Also, i feel i must defend my work -
This is my first attempt at intarsia, after knitting one rectangular "cloth" once before.
This cloth is slightly curly... and the edges are in fact, straight. Promise ;-)


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